The Loyalties - So Much For Soho

Picture this (as "Debbie Harry" once said), its May 17th 2008, my beloved "Cardiff City" have just lost their first FA Cup Final in eighty-one years. Yet within two hours of the said, usually soul-destroying loss, I'm in a packed upstairs room of a Soho boozer watching a band, which has me smiling from ear to ear.
Jeez, this music lark truly is a powerful anti depressant I can tell you. So "who was the band capable of such superhuman feats, I hear you scream?"

Well, Ladies and Gentleman I give you "The Loyalties", and I've just gate crashed their "So Much For Soho" album launch party.

"The Loyalties" for those of you who have yet to hear of them, are made up of legend in his own lunchtime "Tom Spencer" on bass and lead vocals along with the nicest guy in rock "Rich Jones" on lead guitar. With the dynamic duo joined by "Lee Jonez" and "Craig Herman" on guitar and drums respectively to give us the best UK Punk Rock band I've heard in ages.
"So Much For Soho" is not only the bands debut album, but also after acquiring a mega rare "I Swear I Was There" album launch copy, it is fast becoming my album of the year.
This twelve-track monster is the most addictive fun I've had with a UK band since first discovering the veritable delights of rock n roll rebellion back in the late Seventies.
From "Jimmy Says" to "30nage" to "Sofa Surfing UK" track after track is 3-minute adrenalin punch to the jaw. Each tune in turn taking you on a journey of hurt, desperation and want, not the likes of heard since "The Wildhearts" were still living in Shitsville or the "Backyard Babies" were bombed out of their minds.
The swaggering "The 12th Bar Blues" and "Sugarcoat" are written with the sweat of the thousands of shithole gigs the guys have played previous to "The Loyalties", and here they're finally distilled to deliver the musical promises they have all so long been looking to do in their previous bands.

This album doesn't need to be critiqued (you listening Kerrang!!!), it simply deserves to be purchased by anyone and everyone who loves great Rock N Roll music, and don't forget to play it loud guys and gals.

"Enjoy it, it's real"…. Oh and as I really I was there, there's no need to swear, for once anyway.

5 out of 5

by Johnny H.

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