The Last Vegas - Seal the Deal

Scandinavia may of well produced some quality rock'n'roll acts over the years, this cannot be denied, but it seems that of late other Countries seem to be starting to put up a very good fight. Chicago USA for one, the Last Vegas are a bunch of sexy guys playing some very sexy tunes. With influences like Aerosmith, Muddy Waters and the Stooges they immediately become a band you wanna hear.

'Seal the deal' is the guys third album consisting of ten ambitious tracks of ass kicking, heart breaking rock'n'roll. This is kinda like blending Absinthe with Cherry Brandy, Absinthe being the dirty shameless rock and the Cherry Brandy being the sweet fruity pickings of glam! Definitely a concoction to blow your head off!

There's no need to comment on the already perfected production, cos they're well ahead of us on that, with time and experience giving them a flawless finish. Vocally front man Chad Cherry (funnily enough) has a voice that at times throughout often resembles Jocke Berg or Josh Todd, perfectly sleazy and thoroughly addictive.

The whole album is fast, thrill fuelled and non stop cabaret, and from the start works hard to pick up speed rather than grind to a slow halt. Title track 'Seal the deal' is harder rolling, where as 'Aint it good man' is catchy but slippery. Full of traditional riffs showing some of the heavier rock influences and great guitar solos, oh, and ten out of ten for the drum solo during 'we'll drink three', that guy must have arms to die for. Up until the show stopper track 10, there's very little resistance. 'King the red light' is a total turnabout, containing hazy vocals with a slightly grungy feel. They churn out a weird experiment of distortion and slide guitar giving an odd hint of resemblance to The Doors. Extraordinary but fulfilling. It might be a cliché, but the Last Vegas boys are ones to watch.

by Sharron Grainger

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