The Idols - Dirty Minds Fishnets & High Heels

Follow Modern Rock Terrace all the way up to the corner of Sleaze Metal Boulevard and glancing over to the kerb you are likely to see 'The Idols' perched precariously between a trashcan and tattoo parlour.

When I first stumbled upon The Idols about 18 months ago in a smokey back-alley bar they struck me as potentially 'just another emo punk band'. I could see, however, a sleazy tattoo-fueled image, some ripper guitar riffs and some killer songs waiting to bust out. Their debut EP 'Dirty Minds Fishnets & High Heels' released just last year confirmed this suspicion and can be described by just 3 words... "awesome".... "obnoxious"... "masterpiece". It sees the band transform into a punk infused sleaze metal band appealing to fans of Crank County Daredevils, Crystal Pistol, Star Rats, and even Vains of Jenna.

5 Tracks of heavy, in-your-face, modern sleaze rock is launched with the opening track 'Cocaine Dance Party'. Think Crystal Pistol with a sprinkling of Limp Bizkit. Now don't let the Limp Bizkit comparison put you off as these guys are simply full-throttle sleaze metal blended with just enough modern punk rock to appeal to the new generation.

My vote for the song of 2007 'Together Forever' rams home the advantage. Its glorious blend of raucous sleaze and modern metal hit's the spot perfectly... if you consider 'perfect' and punch in the teeth. How these guys haven't been picked up by a major label is beyond belief. Yes... this EP is that good!

A Linkin Park-meets-Crank County Daredevils rock ballad 'Shoot Me Down' settles the mood for a few minutes before the roaring chorus of 'Carnival of Sins' compels the listener to crank the volume on the stereo all the way up to 11.

Yeah, I've given this disc a good wrap but the fact of the matter is... it thoroughly deserves it. Don't be mistaken - this is not a CD for everyone. The attitude and vocals displayed here are aggressive, yet retain a melodic aura consistent with the 80's. Those seeking 'Danger Danger' style vocals will most likely flee with their tails between their legs, however those who appreciate snarling, almost screamo, vocals will find these guys extremely high on their current play list. Their debut EP has barely left my CD player since I laid my hands on it and I cannot wait to hear what these guys will deliver next.


by Lindsay Bulach

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