The Hustle - S/T Promo

Given my location, you would be excused for thinking that I might just give The Hustle a good review simply because we both come from the Southern part of a country that gave the world Shakin' Stevens, Eroll the Hamster and that Hollywood actress with the dodgy American, I mean Welsh, I mean American accent, Catherine Zeta Jones. Happily, the band are promising enough to warrant positive thoughts for their music alone.

The four songs featured on this teaser for forthcoming album 'Things I Wish Were Mine', were produced by Romesh Dodangoda whose CV includes work with Manic Street Preachers and Kids In Glass Houses, and it seems that the latter band have acted as a kind of blueprint for The Hustle - not necessarily a bad thing as Kids In Glass Houses released a worryingly infectious album earlier this year. The opening song of this disc, 'These Days', will be compared to KIGH for sure, but accusations like that should be the only obstacle as the tune is catchier than chlamydia. 'Hanging Around, Slowing Down' follows the same path - maybe a little too familiar, but it is simply bursting with hooks and melody. 'Wish I Had The Time' is reminiscent of 'Word Gets Around' era Stereophonics (what do you mean, "when they were good"?!) and, again, shows that there really is a spark of something happening within this band. Final song 'Good Intentions' is a funkier number that, while being a decent tune in its own right, is slightly alienated from the previous tracks given its sound and style.

Someone should take a chance on The Hustle, but they need to do it now. Songs like this date very quickly. The band have a great singer in frontman Lewis Fall and are the best thing to come out of Caerphilly since the iron-on patch that I bought of the castle on a school trip in 1980. I probably should have mentioned the infamous Sex Pistols gig at Caerphilly's Castle Cinema but, c'mon, what could be cooler than the heart-warming story of a boy and his patch?

by Gaz E.

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