The Hellacopters - Strikes Like Lightning

I have come to expect great things from, 'The Hellacopters', what with a career spanning over a decade, so I was never the less eager to hear their latest offering, 'Strikes like Lightning'. They certainly did not disappoint. 'The Hellacopters', for anyone not to have had the pleasure of encountering them, consist of Kenny Hakansson, Robert Dahlqvist, Nicke Andersson, Anders Lindstrom (AKA Boba) and Robert Eriksson. Originating from Sweden and forming in 1994, 'The Hellacopters' have proven themselves time and time again with numerous EPS and LPs over the years.

With EP, 'Strikes like Lightening', moving in a slightly different direction, I feel, 'The Hellacopters' have moved from the more 'hard' punk rock to a more 'soft' punk rock. Is that a suitable critical analysis? I don't know, but I hasten to add that this is by no means a bad thing. Continuing to stay true to their punk rock roots, combining all the energy of a sweaty gig and as much in your face attitude as before, but adding a little more 'pizzazz' for perhaps a wider ranged audience. Steps in a direction that can only bring new fans, not lose older ones.

Over the years, 'The Hellacopters' certainly haven't lost their appeal and I urge anyone not familiar with them to check them out. With a 2005 European tour looming and a chance to showcase new material, we may be hearing a lot more of them. Be on the look out for, 'The Hellacopters'.

by Lauren May

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