The Hate Junkies - Broke Busted & Can't Be Trusted

Punk at its finest is what The Hate Junkies smashes against your head, then force feeds your ears some trashy sleazy punk-n-roll.

Starting the CD off with "Gang Problem", this song is pure old school punk in the veins of Black Flag, and a great song it is. "If We Fall In Love", has more of a glam-punk vibe with glam riffs and a chorus none the less catchy as **** ala early Faster Pusscat. "Space" is another cool song, but my favorite has to be "Teenage Beauty Queen", dirty glam straight from the gutter.

If punk with a touch of glam is your thing, then I feel you should definately look into The Hate Junkies, You won't be disappointed.

8 stars.

by Marcus Calzada