The Girls Can Dish It Out Too (Compilation)

The second compilation album showing that The Girls Can Dish It Out Too or not as it may seem. In theory this album should stand out in an industry dominated by males, it should be refreshing to see an album from all female groups, but in all honesty I'd have had better fun rolling in glass than what I did listening to this album.

Out of 21 tracks, the ones that stood out for me were 'Kindness and Weakness' by 'All or Nothing', 'Strike Down' by 'All or Nothing', again, another brilliant contribution to this album. Both songs have an amazing intro and are well written and delivered. They have an excellent build up to the solo's and keep you interested throughout. 'Workhorse' by 'Paxanne' is also a good contribution, it has a very 70's sound which makes it stand out, although it did seem to lose the way halfway through the track, the intro (again) really grabs you. The other tracks on this album tended to blend into one another and it was hard to tell where one band stopped and another one began.

Unfortunately there are no contributions from an English band on this album, they have covered Germany, Japan, USA, France and Spain and it seems a shame to not have covered the United Kingdom.

Overall, 'The Girls Can Dish It Out Too' falls into the bad/nice category, it's like being brought breakfast in bed but all the bacon is burnt and the beans overcooked and cold. This album could have been what this industry needs to give female bands the recognition that most of them deserve, however I found it to be disappointing and apart from having All Or Nothing on constant repeat the rest I couldn't wait to turn off.

by Stacey Hull

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