The Fondas - Get Out (Single)

There have been some odd phrases coined in the last year or so in an effort to describe supposedly new genres of music - "Flamenco Rock" (Breed 77), "Folk Rock" (Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys) and "Classic Rock" (just about any act that made it back after the Grunge / Nu-Metal onslaught of the 90s) to name just a few. Possibly the least inspiring of all these though is "Slum Rock", a term adopted by Bristol four-piece 'The Fondas' (not to be confused with Detroit-based 'Sympathy for the Music Industry' signings 'The Fondas'). According to the band's website, 'Slum Rock' is "a mix of sleaze punk, grunge and indie rock". Isn't that what Grunge was all about in the first place?

That said, if (not very) sleazy, (only slightly) punky, (safe-as-houses) grungy indie rock is your thing, then the 'Slum Rock' peddled by The Fondas could be right up your street.

Consisting of the title track, plus b-side 'Strange Honey' and a live acoustic version of the a-side, this second single from debut album 'Dirty Kicks' bumbles along in an as completely inoffensive way as possible, all the while sounding just a bit too much like all the bands you have always kind of liked, but who never really made it - Compulsion, Happy Life, Dog Toffee, etc. Yet somehow, by the end of the live rendition of 'Get Out', The Fondas have wormed their way deep enough into your subconscious that you'll be hard pushed to get them out of your head again without the assistance of a significant quantity of high-grade alcohol!

For that reason alone, The Fondas (do I see a name change somewhere on the horizon?) could be one to watch. If they can inject a little excitement and originality into their music, whilst maintaining the pop-rock hooks that they've seemingly already mastered, then they should do well.

Whether they can grow beyond the club circuit and support slots remains to be seen however. Stranger things have happened.



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