The Firm - If You Don't Want To Know Life's Dismal Results (Single)

The Firm strike me as one of those bands that should have everything going for them. Gloomy lyrics that wind themselves around layered instrumental flow, standard 4/4 beats, indie mixed with the unquestionable ghost of shoegazing. Another one of those typical indie-esque, post-punk pop bands that fit into modern society's "oh-so-chic" category.

Unfortunately, it seems to me that even NME would reject them.

From track one of their demo, "If You Don't Want to Know Life's Dismal Results", the influence from other bands like Joy Division and The Smiths is blatant, with the lead singer warbling on in such a melancholy fashion that it would have indie kids tearing their casually-scruffy hair out. Musically - it has potential, but there's no excitement, it's highly uninspiring, it's hardly ground-breaking stuff and after a few listens the droney sounds of the vocalist's second-rate version of Morrisey and the monotonous guitar strumming becomes incredibly tedious.

And as the first song draws to a close and the second one begins, it's hard not to double take and think you've hit repeat by accident. Could this second song possibly be just what they couldn't fit into the first one?

So, in the spirit of their own words, if you don't want to hear a demo of dismal songs… turn it off now.

by Becki K

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