The Firm - 4 Track Demo

It is a massive pleasure to be writing a review for this successful underground post punk/indie band The Firm. Made up of 4 talented musicians, Ross Liddle on guitar and vocals, Julie Sieradzi on Bass Guitar, and newer members Alex Avery on Lead Guitar and last but not least Marcin Kasjanowicz on Drums. Originally formed in 2006 with guitarist Stefan Hauschildt and keyboardist Robert Fenner who both later left to pursue other things.

Judging by this new 4 track demo The Firm are certainly on top of their game, it’s a complete mix of musical genres which normally shouldn’t work, but this band pull it off in all its glory. “ The Art Of Saying No” is an absolutely stunning piece of musical genius, it hooks your attention from the opening riff that hypnotises you for the entire 3 minutes and 18 seconds. Ross Liddle’s voice generally is able to deliver a spectrum of emotions throughout the demo, at some points sounding incredibly like early Paul Weller Jam era, (surprisingly not one of their influences).

This band has a superb capability of capturing not only your attention but on a whole is very enticing, I got to the end of the 4 tracks and was eager to hear more but for the time being I will just wear this CD out on repeat until the album comes out.

Overall a must have, I would definitely recommend this band.

by Stacey Hull

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