The Fake Exterior - Bad Movie... Great Soundtrack

As you would expect with an album entitled 'Bad movie - great soundtrack', an intense and dramatic beginning, an introduction of haunting orchestral manoeuvres which will hopefully lead into a climatic Symphony, or in this case - a bloody good album. Well the start is definitely all that, it's intriguing and there is an air of modesty with a band that begins with such grandeur. However expecting to hear something a little like a Nightwish or a Nephilim production would be wrong. There's a huge delve into the first track, impressive for different reasons, think along the lines of Lost Prophets and Trivium, a definite splash of colour with bouncy boyish vocals, catchy rhythms and lyrics and a huge metal backing to whack up the intensity. Unlike the Prophets, The Fake Exterior have checked every box without becoming predictable. A variety of hook filled almost poppy tracks, crammed with metal mayhem, rabid drumming and definitive guitar playing. 'Without a shadow of doubt' blends an earlier more ballsy Papa Roach sound.

The production and layout is expertly prepared, keeping to the soundtrack theme and creating a feeling of sustained anticipation throughout. Second to last song 'she walks with her red dress' slows down the momentum, not quite a ballad but begins soft enough to woe even the prickliest heart culminating with a haunting impact and guitar solo that Slash would be proud of. And with an exit worthy of a Oscar, another promising band from the Uk emerges.

by Sharron Grainger

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