The Everyothers - S/T

The Everyothers' self-titled album has a great soulful punk feel to it. Great rhythm changes and a fantastic vocal style make it an album with a wonderful flow. There are so many tracks, which deserve to have an individual mention that it was difficult to pick any, so this is going to be short.

I have to mention 'Ticket Home' for the fabulous musical configuration alone, never mind the fantastic vocals. An elegantly undulating current and terrific lyric make it an outstanding track. The gorgeously, filthy hunk of a track that is 'Like A Drug', has fantastically dirty vocals and quite heavy guitars, beautifully blended into otherwise melodic rhythms.

I have to say that, without doubt, the stunningly serene 'Dead Star' is the perfect end to an amazing album. 'The Everyothers' is a CD jam packed with talent, inspired lyrics, incredible voices and musical harmonies. If they perform half as well live, it has to be one hell of a show and I'll be first in the line for tickets.

by Talia Kane

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