The Erotics - Rubbish

If the legacy left by New York's The Erotics is one of raucous rock shows and the regular releasing of ass-kicking records, then that legacy has been swollen by the unleashing of the bluntly-titled 'Rubbish'.

Much seems to have been made in the past about the voice of the erotic Mike Trash (I'm not sure if that sounded right?!) and its Alice Cooper-like qualities. The band themselves even describe their sound as "like Alice Cooper before he found religion." While there is little in the world finer than a Coop comparison, it does seem to be slightly misguided as everyone and their monster dog can hear that Trash is preaching from the same prayer book (of the dead) as Furnier pretender Wednesday 13. No bad thing and, potentially, an inroad to the black hearts of a younger generation schooled on murder dolls and living dead girls. Tapping that vein - with the people who think that the release of a new Faster Pussycat album is akin to the second coming of Christ seemingly already in the bag - is really, to almost quote AOR behemoths Night Ranger, the secret to success.

Album opener 'Dead Last In The Rat Race' is actually less shock rock postcode W13 and more Zodiac Mindwarp. Whether recent live shows that saw The Erotics support Mark Manning and his Love Reaction were cool exercises in fandom or not, that bill would surely have made for more than a flicker of lipstick on your lightning rod. 'Terrorize You' hurtles along with the kind of bloodlust not seen since Abel Ferrara got that hardware store gift voucher for his birthday. 'Push Comes To Death' is similar to Boy George lookalike Taime Down's modern version of the afore-mentioned Faster Pussycat. 'Get Away From Me Motherfucker' offers up a shift in direction with its slide guitar cocking a leg in the backyard of The Dogs D'Amour. Topped off with tongue in groupie cheek lyrics, this tune will be a fan favourite, for sure. 'Nobody Wants You Around' is reminiscent of Circus Of Power, but in comic-book form. 'Born To Let You Down' is the kind of song that you just know is gonna be on an album like this - well, it is and it simply swaggers. 'Frustrated' is a bubblegum anthem where said gum is being twirled around a hooker's finger. The album ends with the now customary Erotics run through of a hard rock standard. This time we get AC/DC's 'Walk All Over You', a potent stab of an attempt. And that's it, eight tracks and they're gone. Fans will no doubt be disappointed by the album's brevity, yet enthused at its quality.

Future generations will surely consider Mike Trash one of the brighter lights of this new breed of grimy sleaze rock, and rightly so, because this is an album so dirty it will make you want to wipe your feet before walking to the stereo to press repeat.

by Gaz E.

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