The Erotics - 30 Seconds Over You

New York Sleaze merchants The Erotics are a band that have only come to my attention over the last couple of months. Having heard the track they contributed to the recent TrashPit Magazine compilation disc (my favourite on the album, incidentally); and having caught them live with Teenage Casket Company a few weeks back, I was eager to hear more from them.

Their latest offering, '30 Seconds Over You' didn't disappoint. Opening with a little acoustic ditty, leading into first track 'You're Mommy's A Monster', the first impression I get is an Alice Cooper/Murderdolls feel to the vocals, but with more accessible sleazy rock tunes and lyrics.

With songs such as 'Where The Action Never Stops', 'Ain't Your Fix', 'Baby Rock Out' and 'Give In To Your Addiction', this album is gutter-rock at its very best. Don't expect anything innovative or experimental on this record, it's low-slung Les Pauls and gang vocal choruses all the way, and all the better for it.

Reviving fond memories of my Jack-fuelled night on the 'Brawl For It All' Tour, '30 Seconds Over You' is the perfect soundtrack to Saturday night, and in my book, contender for album of the year. Sleaze fans need to get hold of this one. Loved every minute of it.

by Stacey Dunk

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