The Erotics - Rock N Roll Killing Machine

'The Erotics' 7 track EP 'Rock n Roll Killing Machine' has a fabulous classic rock overload with heavy drums, big guitars and gravelly vocals, a hidden gem in the minefield that is modern rock n roll, this is an EP which has been put together wonderfully. The set list has obviously been well thought through and it has some of the horniest sounding vocals I've heard in quite a while.

The catchy little number that is 'Drop The Bomb' has to get a mention. Fast paced rhythm with growling vocals and a heavy rock riff makes it worthy of being singled out. Great guitar solo midway too! 'Drink, Fight, and F*ck' is, I'm sure, already the anthem of a generation (if not more than one) and this track has a great chanting quality to it. A beautifully bass and drum heavy track with some fantastic rhythm changes, which does it's title justice.

I have got to mention 'Only A Fool' for the filthily guttural vocals alone. A fantastic ballad on the gothrockier side of ballad, with a sexily rhythmic beat. It is a strangely relaxing track when you consider that it's still more than a little heavy. Great lyrics and a blended configuration make it a track well worth a listen or three.

by Talia Kane

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