The Epic Monday - Back To the Beginning

You could take the images on the EP cover for 'Back to the Beginning' several ways but to me it came across as slightly eerie. I suppose it depends on your own state of mind but children standing on a blurry beach scene with Exorcist style lettering makes me wonder what horror is to besiege these poor kiddies.... But seriously it only managed to intrigue me further and there's actually nothing chilling or scary at all about 'The Epic Mondays'.

'Ice Bounds' is an impeccable opening track, although it doesn't give too much away. There is something very inspiring and intriguing to the carefully constructed lyrics and vocals with just enough edge to avoid sounding too cutesy. Like 'The Lost Prophets', these guys can carry a song fluently with emotion and heaps of style without sticking their heels in too far to get attributed with a label, and although similar bands have been stuck with the 'emo' garb, the Epic Monday are indifferent differently.

It's not that all six tracks don't contain something individual but you could play through it two or three times without realising, and there's a tendency to feel that they're saving the best till last or holding onto something. Like waiting for a dinosaur egg to hatch 'Rock your body' might be the song to set your mind at ease, a powerful and rocking anthem to end the EP.

Just like The Lost Prophets or Taking Back Sunday there's a lightly hidden element of punk rock influence set apart by poppy drum and bass led melodies. This is also a band who display such a huge sense of togetherness and control of their music, saying that they have only been together for almost a year, it is remarkable how quickly they have got to a place that some bands only get to with years of experience gained from several releases. Whether or not they achieve the same perfection live remains to be seen but its certainly an interesting beginning. And that kind of sums up the weird EP cover mystery, you don't know exactly what your getting and maybe they don't want to tell you straight away but you will want to find out and they intend to keep you firmly on your toes.

by Sharron Grainger

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