The Display Team - Drones

Progressive punk? That's how this London six piece describe themselves, and to be honest it's a great way to describe the band.

They manage to mix in so many elements, from reggae to inspired Jazz punk! Sometimes coming across as a little like 80's legends Madness, or at times like the Beatles, all the time with a punk edge running through their core!
Musically the band are extremely talented and adept, they can mix up the tempo in heartbeat (and often they do!).
This album just oozes class, the songs, although on the surface very eclectic and erratic all come together with a strand kind of cohesion making each and every track here a really enjoyable experience!

Stand out tracks include, 'Norwegian Honey', 'Gnaw The Iron Pole', and 'Karma's Gonna Get You'.

A truly inspired album by a great band!

Rating 10/10

by Barry Gennard

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