The DeRellas - All Fired Up E.P.

The DeRellas have been billed as a "London Punk 'n' Roll Supergroup" and from the opening song "Looking For You," off their new E.P. titled "All Fired Up" you know that is exactly what they are. Mixing elements of The Ramones and The Clash with a modern feel that will keep you hooked until the end. The songs don't really have a "wow" feel to them, but they are catchy enough to keep you entertained and definitely worth giving a listen.

My favorite song on the E.P. is "Auto Destruct"; with its catchy sound and sing along chorus, it shows that great punk rock is still very much thriving in the UK. Also worth mentioning is the punk rendition of the 1960's pop song "Be My Baby". It's amazing how a song long forgotten can have such new life breathed into it and The DeRellas not only do that, they make it their own.

Overall, I think the E.P. is good and shows signs of a band far from slowing down. Well worth giving this a listen.


by Patrick White

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