The Defiled - Grave Times

Track listing:
01 - Land Of Fools
02 - Call To Arms
03 - Blood Sells
04 - Black Death
05 - The Resurrectionists
06 - Metropolis
07 - Locked In Freedom
08 - The Ill Disposed
09 - In Your Name
10 - Final Sleep

THE DEFILED are back with their debut album GRAVE TIMES.

The songs are much heavier than their 1888 release but it's still The Defiled's signature sound and they manage to retain their trademark melodic elements. Thankfully the synth remains in place to add a nice industrial touch to the sound which lifts the band into a new dimension and makes them stand apart from their contemporaries. The riffs are low and heavy and bludgeon the listener with no mercy whatsoever.

The Resurrectionists gets a dusting off and a rework leaving it sounding fresher than the 1888 version.

My only real criticism is that Stitch has a really good voice and it's shame that he doesn't use it as much as he could.

GRAVE TIMES is a hard and heavy album that will whip mosh pits into a frenzy. They are a love them or hate them band but I love them so this album was a welcome assault on my ears.

Standout tracks:
Call To Arms
The Resurrectionists
In Your Name

by K.T.Glitz

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