The Defiled - 1888

I first came into contact with The Defiled at the very first Hellfire Festival, they put on a superbly energetic set which prompted me to go and see them again and keep an eye on their progress. It was with much delight that I read that they had been signed to In At The Deep End and were releasing their first EP.

1888 is that EP and it is good, loud, brash, angsty hardcore metal. Vocalist Stitch D has a very aggressive shouty style that is also complimented with a melodic side. Stitch D and guitarist Curse deliver some really heavy riffs. There is also some synth work throughout that fits in very nicely and doesn't take away the heaviness but adds an almost industrial feel to some of the tracks.

The Ripper theme begins with the cover image and continues in the lyrics. Rather than offer up cheesey cliché lyrics though we get a very dark brutal set of images being conjured up.

One of the things that I like about The Defiled is that they perfectly blend the metalcore vocal style with a more melodic side to add some great dynamics to the songs.

Standout tracks:
The Resurrectionists
The End Of Innocence

If you like hardcore metal then you will enjoy 1888 by The Defiled. If you get the chance, catch them live, you won't regret it!

by K.T. Glitz

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