The Deadthings - Dead Over Heels

Barely 2 years since using their blood-soaked spurs to stamp their mark on the glam-metal world with their debut album, The Deadthings return with one of the hottest, but deadliest albums, of 2007… Dead Over Heels.

Marking the studio debut of bassist 'Trixie Trash', The Deadthings have drifted further towards their unmistakable custom genre of 'morbid melodic rock'. Almost totally abandoning the punk influence of their debut EP, Australia's favourite corpses have headed in a direction only previously explored by melodic-influenced 80's hair bands such as Warrant and Black n Blue. Ardent fans needn't despair though… as Dead Over Heels still oozes the distinct odors of death, debauchery and the devil.

The crunching combination of roaring guitars and vocals in "Another Nail In the Coffin" launches the assault. Brutal, yet glamorous! No one else (except maybe fellow ghoul Wednesday13) can successfully party in such a death-drenched atmosphere. I swear that the follow-up track "Christine's Curse" has been ripped straight from an 80's b-grade horror flick. If there was ever a song that could provide that all-too-common feeling of "Grab your Camaro and your chick and get the hell out fast cos there's an army of flesh-eating walking dead on your tail"… then this has to be it (You haven't experienced this feeling before?!?!!? Ok… maybe it's just me).

The candy-coated keys and roaring gang-vocals of "Devil With An Angels Kiss" completes the opening stanza of 80's inspired hard rock before "She's A Whore" provides a riff dirtier than the whispers from a catholic boys' school priest. The vocals are raw, whilst the lyrics are as subtle as a punch in the teeth.

Every melodic rock album has a mega-ballad moment and with Dead Over Heels this moment is provided by "Crimson Rain". With a superb, smooth, well-controlled vocal performance… in a rock-friendly radio world, Crimson Rain would be an undoubted smash hit. If only Jani Lane could still provide vocal performance like this.

The 10 track album rounds out with a couple of dirt-rock tracks, "Murder City" and a re-recording of "Kill For Thrills", parted by an almost glamorously-pompous melodic rock anthem "Love Lies Bleeding".

I've never hidden the fact that these guys are one of my favourite bands, but a message to the uninitiated… just one listen and I'm sure that you too can be converted. This album alone extends itself to all corners of the hard rock galaxy with those fascinated by pompous melodic rock all the way through to those who prefer the sweet tastes of bubblegum glam being able to pull something from this album. While the style drifts somewhat between genres, a ghoulish influence continues to infiltrate every track. Just like the forbidden fruit, the Deadthings continue to put a dark twist on the good things in life.


by Lindsay B.

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