The Deadly Romantics - Do You Wanna Rock and Roll

As earnest as anything that came out of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, this perfectly embodies the anger and primal energy of punk whilst marrying it to a more straight ahead rock approach. Endearingly basic in its approach, the production is spot on for this type of music, keeping the sound suitably primal and perfectly in keeping with the overall tone of the songs. They've got a vocalist who can't exactly sing but can growl lyrics in a clear manner so you can hear every word and that's a blessing because opener "Do You Wanna Rock'n'Roll" has lyrics that are worth listening to, but... they're all on the inner sleeve if there's something that you didn't quite catch!

Indeed, the lyrics of all of the tracks are not for the faint hearted and remind me of spoof bands like Skrapp Metal and The Bloody Stools who both went for the "so over the top it's almost funny" approach. So, not one to be playing in front of your mother or rugrats then. Still, putting that to one side, the zero frills music behind the four tracks here (bass, drums, guitar and by the sound of it - no overdubs) is something of a blessed relief from so much of what I get to hear these days.

This is going to split people right down the middle. You'll either love it or hate it. No middle ground. No compromises. But I suspect that's probably what they'd prefer. For me it's going to be a guilty little pleasure.

by Phil T.

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