The Damned - Damned Damned Damned (30th Anniversary Edition)

God, what can I say about this album that hasn't been written before.

Thirty years on it still sounds awesome and will contain so many different memories for so many people, I'm not even going to try and critique it here.

This 3 CD expanded edition brings together the original 12-track album on CD 1 (my adrenalin always starts to pump when I hear Captain's bass intro for "Neat Neat Neat"). The album is, as you will have it right now, albeit seemingly again "remastered". All the same this is a bona fide classic and a must have for anyone who has only just discovered the scene.

CD 2 brings together 26 bonus demo/live and session tracks all of which are available on the "Play It At Your Sister" Box Set. So you have to wonder what exactly makes this a must buy item?

Well the answer to that lies in CD 3, which is a superb quality (for the time anyway) bootleg of a 1976 gig from the 100 Club. Yes the bands full on live debut, following what were 4 low-key gigs in a gay bar in West London, as legend will have you believe. It is worth mentioning that this is much better quality than the "Sex Pistols" screen bootleg gig from the same time, so at least you have some reference point for what I mean quality wise.

The band of Vanian/James/Sensible/Scabies sound proficient musically (especially compared to the mess the "Sex Pistols" were live) and power through 10 tracks from their soon to be released debut (and the first UK punk) album to only a small ripple of applause from London's punk elite. "Alone and "Circles" make up the full 12 song set.

The versions of "Fan Club", "New Rose" and "Feel The Pain" on here are all sterling live performances from what was such a fledgling band. This set definitely deserves to be heard by a wider and more appreciative audience than the handful of people who were most probably actually at this show.

And here is your chance to do so, buy this if you have never heard it, or if you have it already, buy it for the 100 Club gig.

You will not be disappointed either way.

I will say this again for those who didn't understand the first time, this is a CLASSIC!!!!!! And it fully deserves this Expanded Edition treatment.

5 out of 5

by Johnny H.

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