The Cult - Live In New York City (DVD)

This DVD comes hot on the heels of Live Nation's successful soundboard series of CD's more commonly know as "Instant Live", and is a veritable nirvana (excuse the pun) for fans of "The Cult" as it gives you the chance to catch the band up close, minus overdubs, in a sweaty theatre.

Filmed in High Definition and partly shot by fans this release captures "The Cult" live at The Fillmore East, at the end of their 2006 US tour.

With much of the set list unchanged in format and content across the whole of this tour, this 17 track DVD captures the band largely as they were when this tour hit the UK in the September of the same year,

One thing you have to be aware of with this DVD, the third official release from "The Cult" is that it fails to deliver where their previous DVD outputs have excelled. This package comes with a minimalist presentation and with a poorly balanced soundboard mix that simply doesn't go anywhere doing the bands powerhouse live delivery no justice.

But for completists of "The Cult" (like myself) this is essential stuff. This set is both heavy on nostalgia and heavy on the aforementioned drum and vocal mix. The touring house band of John Tempesta (drums), Mike Dimkitch (guitar), and Chris Wyse (bass) playing perfect foil to the dynamic duo of Duffy and Astbury.

Lead off track "Lil Devil" still gives me the same knee trembles as it did back in the late 80's such is the bands timeless charm and ability to get my leather strides a strutting.
Littered amongst the steadfast crowd favourites such as "Love Removal Machine" and "Rain" are bona fide fan classics like "Spiritwalker" and "Wonderland", giving Messer's Astbury and Duffy something more of a challenge "chemical" memory wise.

Recorded long before their most recent 8th studio album, the rather lacklustre, "Born Into This". The sole newbie track you get is "Rise" from the grossly overlooked "Beyond Good and Evil" album.

By the time the set comes to a close in the shape of 80's Goth dance floor anthem "She Sells Sanctuary" even uber cool Billy Duffy is showing signs of perspiration, such is the conviction of the bands delivery.

Overall though, I think that if this show had been released as say, a download, or back in the days of Record Fairs as a semi official VHS, this reviewer would have been blown away by the quality. But as this is an official output boasting "High Definition" as its unique selling point it does leave you thinking… "Is that it?"

5/5 for the music
1/5 for the DVD

by Johnny H.

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