The Culprit - ...The Culprit

Track listing:
01 - Welcome To...
02 - Blackball
03 - Kill Or Cure?
04 - Reboot
05 - What Is Love
06 - Curveball
07 - The Forfeit
08 - Dilute To Taste
09 - All In The Eyes
10 - Birthmark

THE CULPRIT's press blurb descrbed them as electro rockers so I was wondering exactly what lay in store for me on their debut album ..THE CULPRIT.

This album is a mixture of styles and it is very hard to actually pin a genre on it. There's some Nine Inch Nails in there, a little Linkin Park and also a tip of the hat to Muse too.
What we have here are 10 tracks of great rock music with some electronic backgrounds that help to enhance the songs almost bordering on dance.

Birthmark is a fantastic atmospheric track that ebbs and flows in true arena style.

There is also a fantastic cover of What Is Love by Howard Jones which retains its 80s feel but is nicely beefed up at the same time. I love it when bands cover a more obscure track from that era.

One of the best things about this is CD is the fact that it is available for free download so if you are looking for something a little bit different then you could do yourselves a favour and check out The Culprit.

Standout tracks:
The Forfeit
What Is Love (the Howard Jones song)

Review by K.T.Glitz

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