The Crash Moderns - Goodnight Glamour, Good Morning Disaster

New York five-piece The Crash Moderns have finally dished up their debut platter of power-pop magnificence with Goodnight Glamour, Good Morning Disaster.

The guys appeared on my radar a year or two ago, via the infamous myspace friend request. Having checked them out, I was instant hooked on catchy album-opener 'This Time', still probably my favourite track on the album. Not to say it goes downhill from here on in... far from it!

Slick and stylish is the way I would describe 'Goodnight Glamour'. You can hear influences drawn from the likes of Elvis Costello, Butch Walker and The Marvelous 3, some people hear The Cars and Cheap Trick in there too. It all sounds very professional and effortless. With a laid-back feel, this album exudes quality without feeling forced, like the guys are just doing what comes naturally. 'Goodnight Glamour' is one to chill out with if we get a summer this year!

The Crash Moderns really do deserve to be massive, but have they hit the scene a couple of years too late? I hope not. It would be an injustice if The Crash Moderns join Butch in the 'criminally underrated, missed the boat' category. Maybe the megabucks of superstardom might not be around the corner, but the satisfaction of being on top of their game with a great album should provide some consolation. But then again, the underground scene always was so much cooler...

by Stacey Dunk

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