The Computers - You Can't Hide From The Computers

Hailing from Exeter, a place where creator of computing "Charles Babbage" spent his formative years, you can but raise a curious "Roger Moore-like" eyebrow when a band aspires to be the new heirs to the nerd rock crown once held by the half man half puppet known as "Elvis Costello".

"The Computers" erstwhile frontman/guitarist Alex certainly ensures that in image terms alone they are more than half way there. The guy is more "Thunderbirds" than any of the Tracy family, but does his band have the tunes?

Well of the seven tracks on offer here, they are certainly a superb taster for what might be. In fact if there had been a fistful more of tunes this would have been a cracking debut album, as it is "You Can't Hide From The Computers" leaves you feeling all punk rock "Oliver Twist", and wanting more. As the band themselves seem content to name check the aforementioned "Declan McManus" at every available opportunity, it has to be pointed out that their sound is much more that of "The Bronx" or recent touring buddies "The Night Crawlers" than anything remotely associated with say "Lenny Kravitz" who did in fact sound exactly like the train spotting powerpop rocker at his peak.

Produced by "Larry Hibbitt" (Hundred Reasons) the feral energy captured in tracks like "Please Drink Responsibly", "Hell Yeah" and "Love the Music, Hate the Kids" should be enough to propel "The Computers" headlong into Ipod play lists around the UK not unlike that manic compulsion that gripped you when you first experienced say "Gallows" or "Fucked Up".

"The Computers" are a skin-tight and deadly quartet, with the aforementioned "Alex" joined by the Manics-juniors "Nic and Sonny" on bass and guitar respectively, and "Will" driving out the backbeat on drums. The whole thing gelling into a catastrophic perfection, with the cacophony of rhythm and melody that is live favourite "S.O.S".

It's rather ironic that in this digital age a band named "The Computers" should be delivering such an orgasmic collection of organic live sounding rock n roll. "Mr Babbage" would certainly not be happy with his 'nth generation progeny.

But let me tell you now. Nerds, "The Computers" most certainly are not.

4 out of 5 (due to the thing being too fucking short)

by Johnny H.

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