The Chelsea Smiles - Nowhere Ride EP

I first heard about The Chelsea Smiles from my friend Ricky Vodka from Motochrist when they were gigging around LA with these guys about 2 years ago. Back then they were called "The Desciples". The Chelsea Smiles features Todd Youth (D- Generation, Motorhead, Danzig) on vocals, guitar, Christian Black (Dee Dee Ramone) on vocals, guitar, John Martin on bass and Karl Rosqvist on drums. This is one hell of a line-up! Over the past year these guys have inked a deal with Capitol and opened for the NY Dolls among other things!

I saw them last week open for the Backyard Babies in SF and was utterly amazed! The guys look amazing and even sound better!

This 4 song EP is sonically one of the best records I have heard in the past year and features an amazing cover of Johnny Thunders's Pirate Love. If this is the calm before the storm for The Chelsea Simles full length.....look out because these guys are ready to take over the world! If you like glam punk garage rock with a pop edge then The Chelsea Smiles are gonna be your next wet dream! You've been warned!

by Scotty - The Silencers/Heat Slick Records

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