The Bronx - S/T

Cast your mind back 30 years and think what made punk so fucking special for those lucky enough to be around the scene at that time, I'm guessing it was having a certain uniqueness and the right to challenge the Status Quo.

If you apply that to what we see around right now passed off as punk then fuck me I'm more punk rock than ever. So for every Panic At the Disco there will hopefully be a Bronx, I guess you just need to know where to look that's all. And thank you god for bands like the Bronx….A BIG MUTHA FUCKING THANK YOU.

This second self titled album and 3rd release from Los Angeles' The Bronx really is about as punk rock as it gets. They fly in the face of fashion, and music trends and in Matt Caughthran (who sports a very dodgy moustache on the gigipak gatefold the CD comes in) they have an absolute genius of a front man. Equal parts Charles Bukowski and Jerry A, this guy can turn his trade to a tune as gentle and melancholic as "Dirty Leaves" or as brutal as album lead cut "Small Stone" without spilling a drop of his always half full pint of lager.

I must admit I've been a fan of this band since I picked up the first self titled debut long player on White Drugs in 2003 (you know the one Gilby Clarke produced), and have seen both "The Bronx" and band side project "The Drips", BUT nothing prepared me for this mucho improved sonic barrage of proper thought provoking hardcore punk rock.

Thirteen tracks in 33 minutes and you will be humming everyone of them within 3 or 4 listens, fans of (Rocket from the Crypt side project) "The Hot Snakes" will simply love screamers such as "Transsexual Blackout" and "History's Stranglers", while the already mentioned "Dirty Leaves" is a hit waiting to happen a bit like the awesome Drips single "16 16 Six" that had a limited release earlier this year. These guys can sure pen a mighty pop tune.

So after listening to this relentlessly for the last week, the "Bono-esque" (circa Boy/October not the weak new stuff they churn out) vocals Matt lays down on tracks like "Mouth Money" and "Around The Horn" only really add more charm and dare I say "commerciality" to this band and who really now deserve to take music this mighty to the same masses. Who knows it might even make the masses start to think for themselves?

This is an absolute classic stonewall punk rock gem of an album, for fans for bands such as Divisions of Laura Lee, Poison Idea, Drive Like Jehu, and The "mighty" Dwarves.

Fuck all that chart punk/pop shit and check out the real deal check out "The Bronx".

5 out of 5

by Johnny H.

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