The Breakdowns - The Breakdowns

Ok so I'd never heard of The Breakdowns before I was sent this CD, but I'm glad I was! The Breakdowns are a four piece playing simple pop rock with a slight punk edge. Their music is so spectresque that I think it screams out for the full Phil Spectre treatment with his infamous wall of sound.

"Heartbreak Radio" opens the CD with a laid back but irritatingly catchy chorus! My favourite song has to be "(She Said) Don't Write Another Love Song". They remind me of a sort of more laid back version of The Ramones mixed with a little Tom Petty and Tyla for good measure. With perfectly crated well structured songs, and a band where every member seems to compliment each other perfectly.

Every song on this, their debut, is catchy and I imagine I'll be playing this CD for quite a while to come.

Rating 9/10

by Barrry Gennard

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