The Black Mollys - One Man's Treasure

The Black Mollys return with their third album and life is good. Big choruses and power pop punk is the order of the day here. There is quite a dark feel to this CD but that isn't a bad thing with alternative elements creeping in every now and again. Despite the band collectively being members of Enuff Z'Nuff and the Bulletboys the sound is more alternative/punk than either of those.

The vocal melodies and harmonies are a joy (and reminded me often of Enuff Z'Nuff) and there is also a very Grohl/Foo Fighters feel to this release. Rather than sound like plagarists they have drawn on some of their influences and created a sprawling soundscape. The tracks are all quite laid back so you are taken along for a ride rather than forced on one. One Man's Treasure is a CD to chill out to rather than to use for a bit of get up and go.

A couple of tracks are wonderfully tongue in cheek, namely 'Erica' and 'Hollywood', and the wit on show was definitely up there with the humour of bands like NOFX.

One Man's treasure is a grower and shouldn't be written off on the first play as it definitely gets better the more you listen.

Standout tracks:
'Every Other Day'
'Turn You Off'

by K.T. Glitz

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