The Beautiful Losers - Four Corners Of A Tiny Planet

Track listing:
01 - Peaceful Buddhist Warrior
02 - Here In Our Dreams
03 - Romantic Hippy Gunfighter
04 - Young Peruvians
05 - A Little Bit's Better Than Nothing
06 - Melody Maker
07 - Yeh Dosti
08 - The Story Has Been Told
09 - Ted the Handsome Cat
10 - Way Down
11 - Sister Lately
12 - Across The Universe

This is the third studio CD from The Beautiful Loser and it grabs your attention from the opening note with the catchy drums of Peaceful Buddhist Warrior. More spoken than sung, this track doesn't really fit into a rock category but I really like it.

This song is followed by Here In Our Dreams, which has a bit of a Paul Simon feel to it; catchy and inoffensive but not going to blow your mind away.

Then we're whisked away to some dustly Tex-Mex town with track three, Romantic Hippy Gunfighter. Rock backed up with brass instruments.

Moving on, the band also covers Yeh Dosti, a track that is apparently very well known and iconic throughout India.

And the album continues to vary in sound and texture throughout the 12 tracks, carrying a slightly indie rock-pop feel through it in places and a hint of indian-asian influence, which really sets it apart.

Its a good chilled out album. You're not likely to break any speed limits in the car even if you play it loudly but it's varied and interesting enough not to relax you into a sleepy state either.

by Toni Glitz

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