The Barabarellatones - Surf Narcs

Track listing:
01 - Time Warp!
02 - Iggy Pop!
03 - Lesbotron
04 - I Saw Her Standing There
05 - Violet Fire
06 - Bird Of Prey
07 - Haole Boyz
08 - Surf Narcs
09 - Night Of The Flesh Eating Dolls
10 - Medication Time
11 - Death Wave 2000
12 - It's All Your Fault!
13 - Shangri La
14 - The Last Party

THE BARBARELLATONES are here with their SURF NARCS album.

Inspired by space slut B-Movie themes with gothabilly surf guitars and electric sitars, this album has an awesome surf punk and 60s garage feel to it whilst still managing to have a sleazy glam attitude with a little gothic darkness thrown in for good measure. Think The Cramps sleeping with the B-52s in a sordid affair and you won't be far off!

Time Warp (yes THAT song) kicks things off in style with a gorgeous take on the Rocky Horror classic. Their ode to Iggy Pop then gets completely irreverant with the wonderful line "Iggy Pop, sucked David Bowie's cock"! It's a great song though and whether or not it's a tribute or a parody (delete as applicable) doesn't really matter. I Saw Her Standing There is how all songs by The Beatles should be performed, upbeat but dark! Things take a mellow turn for Violet Fire and Bird Of Prey before bouncing back to life. Surf Narcs goes all surfabilly.

The lyrics throughout are both humourous and sexy! The guitars swirl and twist in layers without the need for OTT riffing or solos and the dynamics and styles between songs are quite varied which just makes it a delight to listen to! Can you tell I like this album?

Play loud with the top (and/or windows) down!

This was a really tough album to choose the standout tracks on as they are all so good.

Standout tracks:
Time Warp
I Saw Her Standing There
Surf Narcs
Night Of The Flash Eating Dolls
Medication Time

by K.T.Glitz

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