The Band of the Eye - Contagious Ignorance

The Band Of The Eye are a rock/alternative/grunge band based in the Bristol/Gloucester areas of the UK. The band formed in 2007 and have enjoyed a fair amount of success on the underground music scene ever since. They are band whose sound is pretty difficult to pigeonhole, as each song seems to throw something different into the mix, which can only ever be a good thing. Having managed to get themselves onto the cover mounted CD's of magazines and fanzines like Bubblegum Slut and Alternative Magazine, the band have continued to draw attention and expand their fan base.

Contagious Ignorance is the bands debut full album, and it's a stonker. As I said each track offers up something different, sometimes with only the underlying current of black humour holding the whole album together. Stand out tracks include 'Wasting', ' Why You Are So Awful' and 'King Of The Dead'.

A great album with enough variety to appeal to everyone.

Rating 9/10

by Barry Gennard

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