The Authentics - Ton of Bricks

Following on from the debut album 'Blondes Make The Best Victims' comes the new 5 track EP 'Ton of Bricks' from four piece Leicester based rockers The Authentics. Starting with the self titled track 'Ton of Bricks' the opening riff is contagious, grabbing your ultimate attention before your even a minute in. Certainly a good start; having played over 200 UK gigs alone it is no wonder that The Authentics are going from strength to strength and with this release already casting a shadow on their extremely successful debut album, you have to start to wonder what these blokes will pull out the bag next.

With strong punk influences this 5 track EP is by no means anything but amazing, with tracks like 'A Song For You' and 'Belly of the Beast' this is guaranteed to get your heads nodding whilst the catchy riffs will embed themselves in your memory, ensuring this band will stand out on the music scene for all the right reasons. 'The Witching Hour' is one of the strongest tracks on the EP as a whole, showcasing amazing guitar solo's that literally cause your jaw to drop in amazement that someone can have that much talent, with 'The Witching Hour' being the last track they definitely saved the best for last.

The only thing that lets this EP down is the cover design, I don't think it would appeal to people who haven't heard of the band before, it reminds me of scribbles I used to draw over exercise books at school, drawn around a bad version of the anarchy symbol. Musically this album proves that The Authentics are just going to keep getting better and better, however, the cover is nowhere near as enticing or hard hitting as debut 'Blondes Make The Best Victims', but not all great books have great covers and that principle certainly applies here.

by Stacey Hull

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