The Arteries - More Books Less T.V.

Remarkably the third release from the aptly named Arteries, remaining unsigned despite bringing something distinctly different to the 'pop punk' scene. Five tracks contagiously infected with riotious metal riffs and intros whilst holding on to the obvious punk influence and creating a perfect blend, which could so easily kick some of todays dirge up the backside and rouse a diverse audience from all angles.

Less abrasive vocals than a lot of their peers makes it instantly easier to fall into their music rather than out; giving you the opportunity to listen to the lyrics easily, which often but not in this case results in a severe hearing disorder. The vocals provided by Miles Morgan are a lot more delicate than you would expect and he has the pleasant knack of holding your hand whilst gently trampolining through each track, rather than dragging you kicking and screaming. When listening closely to his divine warblings, and as much as it pains me to say it but if comparable to anyone in the current market it would have to be The Gallows although they have enough sparkle of their own to seperate themselves and stand firmly alone.

The only way to decide for yourself is to take a listen.....

by Sharron Grainger

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