The Anabolics - 3 on 1

Back in my University days the student bar would often have an open mic session. Without fail at every one of these sessions you would get a group of art students decked out in backward berets, tattered scarves and clothing that looked like it was made from my grandmother's lounge room curtains. They would take to the stage with a guitar, a keyboard and a mic, bitch about the government before playing a couple of unrehearsed tunes… and they would call themselves a band. Unfortunately, The Anabolics remind me of just this.

This threesome from NYC rotates the vocal duties for each of the 3 tracks on the aptly named '3 on 1' EP. The tracks are dominated by an omnipresent organ, giving this EP a retro feel from start to finish.

The opening track "Mark of a Madman" is actually not all that bad as it takes on almost a pop-punk attitude reminiscent of Nancy Vandal or The Mavis'. Whilst the opening track sports female vocals, track 2 changes to a male lead for the retro-sounding "Why Should I Cry". The strained vocals make for an uninspiring couple of minutes.

By the time the 3rd and final track, "Everything Strays", rolls around I'm imagining myself listening to this jolly little ditty at a cabaret-type performance at a $10 all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant. A couple of cheap glasses of champagne and you might even get me up for a dance! Someone save me… please.

If not yet obvious, I found this EP rather disappointing and difficult to listen too. The vocals need plenty of work, the lyrics seem to be straying down some unknown path, and production was obviously done on a shoestring budget. Sorry guys, but this one needs a bit more work.

by Lindsay B