The Aches - S/T

'The Aches' is a really bad name for a band! It brings to (my) mind all those jingly-jangly garage / indie-pop shit of bands like 'The Strokes', 'The Cribs', 'The Rakes' or, worst of all, 'The White Stripes'! Band names that mean nothing, and give you no warning as to the utter bollocks that is about to infect your lugholes!

Thank Satan himself then that this is no such abomination. Clearly influenced by the early 80s post-punk scene, inhabited by the likes 'The Jam' and Elvis Costello, Sweden's 'The Aches' have produced a record that somehow manages to sound contemporary and not shit! The closest modern equivalent that I can think of is Sheffield's own 'Pink Grease', only without the synthesised backdrop to their sound. Vocalist Daniel Pamnert shares a tone and style similar to that of PG's Rory Lewarne, and the addition of a female backing (sometimes shared lead) vocal goes further towards cementing the likeness. Pink Grease have been struggling for years to find a scene, the arrival of The Aches could just be the catalyst they've been waiting for to start a whole new genre!

Above all else, this music is supremely danceable. You're gonna get hurt in the process, but once the driving beat of the drums starts hammering at the inside of your skull, you're not gonna sit down for the next 32 minutes, and even then it'll only be to discard your worn-out best dancing shoes and hit the play button again!

Come to think of it, maybe 'The Aches' isn't such a poor choice of name after all!


by Danzai!

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