The Rumours - The Mighty Can Fall

The Rumours come to me somewhat in a daze and I feel like they deserve more attention than what I am giving. However through this haze they still manage to grab my attention. I like them, very much so.

With a strong feminist feel with predominately female members (one guy), The Rumours are sure to appeal to fans of the Goth punk scene. Forming in September 2001 when Lou Rumour (vocals, piano) and Just Janelle (Guitar, Vocals) were introduced to Melissa Starr (Bass, vocals) in their hometown of Vancouver, Canada. Here the first stages of 'The Rumours' were born. However it wasn't until summer 2003 that drummer Steve Senyk was introduced into the band to take up percussion duties. With the set up complete, 'The Rumours' have been having every success with numerous TV spots and radio shows around the country.

With similarities to bands such as 'Bif Naked', 'Rasputina', and a punk style similar to, 'The Distillers', it's refreshing to hear a girl-fronted band, instead of the usual male vocals that have overrun the current 'scene'. Favourite tracks include 'Queen of Spades', with a bass line to die for. Beautifully flowing dark music drifts continuously with a thumping bass line throughout. As well as being a talented singer songwriter, Lou Rumour is also an accomplished pianist as track 10, 'The Reprise' proves, with a purely instrumental track to finish off a brilliant debut.

This first full-length album from the band will propel them into the spotlight and is sure to impress. 'The Mighty Can Fall' is a dark mix of punk-Goth simply sublime music. They certainly score high in my books.

by Lauren May

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