The Pocket Rockets - Discrete and Powerful

Having spoken to Jo Lanteri (bass) for around two weeks now on the zine message board, I was pondering exactly how I could word this review without hurting his feelings.  I’m not renowned for being subtle, I have high opinions and I’m not afraid of expressing them, cutthroat or praising.  I hold my hands up and express to all that Jo is a great guy, unfortunately you have to be professional in these kinds of circumstance, but it is a guarantee, I will not praise a band if I think they suck, friend(s)/ acquaintance(s) or not.  Unfortunately I think Jo, Craig and Pietro need to seriously consider finding a new vocalist.  That is, if they plan to take the band further in the muso industry, because when the crunch comes to the crunch and the cards are laid on the table, this guy can’t hold rhythm for squat.

 I sat through this entire CD (somehow) praying I had the ability to delete, delete, delete that gawd damn awful voice … Musically ‘The Pocket Rockets’ are something else, awe inspiring for a fan of the 70’s/80’s alternate scene.  They liken themselves to bands such as The Ramones, New York Dolls, Heartbreakers, Dead Boys, Television and Blondie.  Not too sure I’d agree with the above, but I would nod my head and agree, I can hear the New York Dolls influence.  As for Blondie… *ponders… I’d say there’s far more of a leaning toward The Mission.

 I guess we should ask the following question before sentencing this album to ‘Room 101’ … When the lyrics were placed with music (or vice versa) were they originally written in Italian or English?  If the answer is Italian, then maybe, just maybe we could say Dok’s voice would sound better if he sang in his native tongue, as it stands, I think I’ll pass.

by Spicey D. Warlock

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