The Love Injections - 3 Sheets To the Wind

The Love Injections play rock n roll the way it was meant to be played. No frills guitar, pounding drums, driving bass and raw vocals drenched in emotion. Fans of the Dog's D'Amour, early Hanoi Rocks, Jeremy and the Suicides or the Dogtown Balladeers would enjoy this offering from the Swedish based Love Injections.

Strong points of this demo are the Hanoi influenced 'End of the Line', 'Time's Up' (which can easily be a hit if it ever seen an official release) and the rockin' cover of 'Black Girl/White Girl' from the Lords of the New Church.

While The Love Injections proudly display their influences on their collective sleeves, '3 Sheets to the Wind' comes off as original, fresh, new and exciting. I raise my glass to them in hopes of a full-length release in the future. Cheers.

by Mister E.

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