The Erotics - All That Glitters Is Dead

Imagine if Steve Rachelle fronted American Heartbreak and you'll get an idea of what you can expect from The Erotics 'All That Glitters Is Dead'.

The band, now a trio after the departure of guitarist Uzi, start off quickly with 'Space Age Mafia' and don't let up until 'Closer Bullet'. Even the slower tracks have such a fury that it would be a tragedy to call them ballads. The lyrics sometimes border on cheesy, but not to the point where it distracts from the overall effect of the disc (and sometimes they will make you shake your head and laugh). Standout tracks such as 'Gas Chamber Barbie Doll', 'Space Age Mafia' and 'Supermodel Suicide' easily outnumber anything that might make you want to skip a track.

'All That Glitters Is Dead' was my introduction to The Erotics and was rather effective in this role. As a result, I'm planning on checking out their other releases. Fans of the heavier side of the glam-punk genre would probably enjoy this one the most.

by Lycan Davis

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