The Enemies - Demo

I recently got my hands on a 5-song demo by Swedish band 'The Enemies'. Originally formed as 'Sludgebucket' in 2001, the Enemies underwent a few line up changes (besides the name change) before heading into the studio in August 2001, to record 2 songs. After a few showcase gigs, and supporting bands such as Hardcore Superstar, Backyard Babies and The Hellacopters, the band headed back into the studio in March 2002, to record 3 more tracks.

The 5-song demo consists of tracks titled 'Enemy', 'Elvis In Brooklyn', 'Razamanaz' (Nazareth Cover), 'Cyberbitch' and 'Glam Star Cabaret'.

'Enemy' is fairly reminiscent to country mates, Shotgun Messiah (second era); it's in your face from the outset and the chorus is so catchy, given the right opportunity it could actually get some radio airplay. 'Elvis in Brooklyn' is somewhat of a letdown in comparison to the opener, impressive musicianship aside; the song was just not that memorable. I hear an influence of early Aerosmith and a heavier Skid Row shimmying through in the latter songs, completing the demo in fine fashion.

I don't know about classifying 'The Enemies' as Glamsters, but they could certainly be categorised as punk rock stars. With a few more songs like 'Enemy' this band could definitely be one to watch.

by Dan Earley

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