The Datsuns - S/T

Word I've heard on The Datsuns self-titled debut claims that it could well be the start of 'the return of cock rock'. After repeat listens, I can say that this idea couldn't possibly be further from the truth. It would be easy to merely compare The Datsuns with the herd of other 'The' bands currently running wild throughout the music industry (The Strokes, The White Stripes, The Hives etc.) but that would be too simple of a description. While they share the rawness and choppy melodies of the above, the sound is more along the lines of the Space Age Playboys, using heavily distorted vocals with clean guitars. I find the closest The Datsuns come to 'cock rock' territory is through their sometimes-silly lyrics.

While there are a few bland tunes, kick-off single 'Sittin' Pretty', 'MF from Hell' and 'Harmonic Generator' are all impressive enough to justify giving it a spin and sparing a few minutes of your time.

by Lycan Davis

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