The Compulsions - Laughter From Below

A Modern day Rolling Stones? That's the first thing that came to mind when I put this 3-song EP in my stereo. After a listen to The Compulsions, I also heard some Hanoi Rocks influence as well.

From the groovin' "Down On The Tracks", the very Rolling Stone-ish "Shake Hands With The Devil" and "Dance Around The Fire" with it's Slash infused guitar solo... the band showed there excellent talent in playing simple rock. Simple Rock is just something I like to call a style of music that is stripped down to the basics... in which a lot of blues-rock bands do at their best ala Rolling Stones.

Sure Laughter From Below may only be a 3 song EP... but we're talking about three excellent songs that show lots of promise for The Compulsions. I know I'll be looking for a full-length CD from these guys. Get the EP you won't be disappointed!

I'll rate the Compulsions...10 stars out of 10 stars.

by Marcus Calzada

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