The Bully's - Tonite, We Fight Again

When I first popped in The Bullys disc "Tonite We Fight Again," I found the opening riff real catchy and it had my foot tapping immediately, and once the vocals kicked in, I said to myself, 'ahhhh… some good old school, snotty NYC punk rock'.

While listening to the CD, I decided to check out their website, and low n' behold, they are actually from NYC (no wonder they've got that sound). The CD boasts songs with titles such as 'Sluts', 'PMS', 'Sight of Blood', 'Gimme Gimme Gimme'... this is just oozing gutter punk. Stand out tracks are 'Tonite We Fight Again', 'Sluts' and 'Gimme, Gimme, Gimme'.

If you like NYC, If you like Punk Rock, if you like old school punk... then make sure you check out the Bully's or they might hunt you down and kick your ass.

by Bay Ragni

Visit The Bullys Website