Tesla - Into the Now

After picking up 'Into the Now', I didn't play it right away. In fact, I just looked at it on my shelf for several weeks. You see; Tesla are one of those acts who I have a great deal of respect for. They've been gone from the music world for almost ten years, and too often that spells the formula for a crappy comeback. Luckily, after building up the courage to give the CD several spins, I found that this wasn't the case (phew!).

The sound on their 1995's 'Bust a Nut' suggested that they were heading in a heavier direction. 'Into the Now' furthers that argument. The first two tracks are bludgeoning and would do some serious damage if played too loud. Fortunately, vocalist Jeff Keith remains constant, spinning melodies that are hum-able despite the tone of the backing music.

This is a comeback that suggests the band is content with rejoining the path they left so many years ago. It's a testament to the band that they put past differences behind them and released an album containing the passion found in 'Into the Now'.

by Lycan Davis

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