Templeton Pek - Scratches & Scars

Track listing:
01 - calculate The Risk
02 - Headgames
03 - Barriers
04 - Low
05 - Break The Habit
06 - Rotten In Denmark
07 - Fiction Burn
08 - Dark Matter
09 - Crosswires
10 - Red Lights Flash
11 - Made To Waste
12 - Slow Burn

TEMPLETON PEK do punk rock and SCRATCHES & SCARS is something of a stormer!

What Templeton Pek's offer here on their second album is some quality short sharp songs with some great choruses. Various influences are clear and there is a very Offspring feel to some of the songs. This album is a nice mixup of all things punk with nods made to hardcore and post hardcore screamo too leaving a fresh sound that allows Templeton Pek to rise above some of their peers due to the level of originality that they show.

If you are after a modern punk sound then SCRATCHES & SCARS could well be the album for you!

2011 looks set to be Templeton Pek's breakout year with support slots with Sum 41, their own headline tour and also major festival appearances.  

Standout tracks:

by K.T.Glitz

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