Teenage Casket Company - Eat Your Heart Out

OOOh well it's another bunch of Nottingham guys! These handsome Indie Hardrockers love to strut! This lot have got a new EP out…so who fancies putting em through the test?… eh eh eh?? (Let's have some enthusiasm you 'orrible lot! hehe)

Track 1 - "Don't look at me like that" (no, its not about starting fights!) is a teen rock anthem and casts the scene for the whole CD. The immediate impression is a sound that is well produced and familiar. It ticks all the boxes to fit quite comfy in an American college movie soundtrack. Well structured, mid-pacey and chorus dominant.

The other tracks are mostly of the same mould. Smooth Melodic guitar riffs and warm vocals. The melodramatic lyrics remind me of teenagedoms joys and angst…....and school dinners! The inclusion of the ballad is safe but expected, its acoustic intro blasts in a sweet commanding chorus, so lighters out for this one! The finale and title track 'eat your heart out' is definitely the focal point. It's bossy bass licks and faster pace cuts and struts.

None of it is weak, although I'd like a more overall variety, (I'd like to see them adopting a member or two from Slayer!). I can't help the feeling that it leaves me searching for more. But it's all fun time rock n' roll, the ladies will fancy 'em and I'm sure they'll go down a treat with the kids everytime.

by Maunderelle

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