Teenage Casket Company - Dial It Up

'Dial It Up', the stunning debut from 'Teenage Casket Co', has a great punky glam feel to it. Great rhythm and energy make it an uplifting album with fantastic pace and a sound so sleazy you'll feel dirty just listening to it!

The gorgeous 'Mirrors and Wires' deserves a mention for being incredibly bouncy, without feeling cheesy, if for no other reason. We are, however, also blessed with it having fantastic vocals and well written lyrics.

Fantastically crunchy 'Ramones' style guitars and heavy drums make 'Story Of My Life' worthy of being singled out. This is a track with an outstanding filthy feel, and great gravelly vocals.

The musical configuration on 'Beautiful' is an oasis of tranquility in a desert of bounciness. I don't know how, but in spite of really quite heavy bass and drums, it still manages to be a wonderfully serene track. Very addictive!

I must say, 'Teenage Casket Co' have huge talent, with great vocals and musical harmonies and 'Dial It Up' does them justice. If you like your music with hook-laden vocals and punk fuelled guitars then this is the album for you, if you don't, get it anyway, you won't regret it!

by Talia Kane

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